The Information Advantage

The Information Advantage White Paper

Role: Creative Direction / Illustration / Graphic Design for Print and Digital
Designed the interactive white paper incorporated consistent branding information diagrams to get the point across CEO's vision to describe the OpenText view of of why companies need the Information Advantage now more than ever, and most importantly, how they can get it.  

The Pace of Change is Accelerating

Technology. Information. Disruption. The world is moving faster than ever before at unprecedented scale.

Businesses today are operating in the next industrial revolution, and the rules have changed. This is Industry 4.0. It is imposing new demands on the organizations of all sizes—and creating new opportunities.

The Information Opportunity

The Digital Era is over. We have entered the Information Era.

Building on the groundwork of automation, connectivity and computing power that defined digital, the Information Era is characterized by our unprecedented ability to capture, store and make sense of masses of information.

Managing the Flow of Information End-to-End

IM technologies help to solve this challenge by becoming a single hub for information. They excel at integrating information sources and connecting them to process, whether business to business, business to customer, application to application, or devices and people. Deep integration is essential to the Information Advantage.

Technology for Information Advantage: IM Accelerants

IM platforms are the foundation for managing information but when innovative horizontal technologies are added to the mix, these platforms can be built upon to truly fast-track business transformation. The major IM accelerants are: automation, cloud, AI and analytics. Other accelerants include technologies like mobile, 5G connectivity and the IoT.

Security and Discovery

With cybercrime evolving rapidly, data security is no longer an optional component to IM. A strong Security and Discovery platform is now critical to protect these incredibly valuable and vulnerable assets. Without the capabilities to detect, defend against, investigate and remediate security threats, organizations are left wide open to breaches, fines and litigation.

The best information security solutions provide deep visibility into data security and investigate risk across all endpoints as it emerges. Triage is faster with greater automation and contextualization of security events. Decision-making power, data loss prevention and remediation can be made even more effective as machine learning capabilities are introduced.

We Are All Information Companies

Every business must use its data to disrupt—disrupt its own relationship with information, disrupt its business models, disrupt its competitors, disrupt its industry. Information disruption requires an information-first business model and culture.

What does this look like?

The future of the automobile industry perfectly illustrates the disruptive power of the Information Advantage. This entrenched and often slow-moving industry is on the brink of massive change. To stay relevant, top automakers must transcend their mindset about everything from production processes, to fuel sources, to who (or what) drives the vehicle, to the very essence of what an automobile company is.

Experience Management

One of the most compelling benefits of the Information Advantage is the ability to deliver highly personalized content to create exceptional experiences for customers, employees and partners. Experience platforms deliver better engagement, insight and scalable personalization, which fuel loyalty and translate to revenue.